Mike Wood

Retired Army officer; 35+ years of handyman/DIY experience. I love taking on challenges and solving problems for people. Let me be your “go-to guy!”

Let’s Solve Your Problem Together

M5Austin is an LLC formed by Mike Wood in February 2020. That makes us a fearless pandemic company (FPC)!

Mike is a retired U.S. Army officer who wants to continue serving the community by providing exceptional customer service to folks who, for various reasons, do not want to or are unable to tackle tasks around their residence or business.

Maybe the task requires special tools…we have lots of special tools! Maybe the task requires special skills…we have tons of special skills and experience in various fields. Maybe the task requires a “strong back and weak mind” as they used to say…got that covered too! 🙂 Maybe it is just too stinking hot/cold outside. We have practice “suffering”!!!

Despite the stereotype that most people have of career military, you will find that Mike and his team have plenty of patience and great listening skills. You can rest assured that we know what questions to ask in order to ensure that we understand what you want done. Your 100% satisfaction is our highest goal!

Give us a try. No job too small and no task too complicated. You need it done…we get it done!

You need it done… we get it done!